"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Micro Tale: Disastrous Life

Disclaimer: consumption of Alcohol causes cancer. The writer of this blog does not support alcoholism is any manner.

Monday, 13 November 2017

What Does "Advanced" Mean To You?

What does “advanced” mean to you when you apply this word for your child?

If you have hunger and you find no one is in home and no food is available in kitchen and freeze, then you will surely arrange the food somehow…if you are really hungry…you will cook something, for the time being lets guess, you even don’t know how to prepare tea or how to boil egg then what will you do?...the obvious thing is…you will go to market and will buy some food, again for the time being lets think…you don’t have money in this situation then what will you do? …obviously you will visit your relative’s house or a friend’s house or will ask your neighbor for some food for the time being…if you are really hungry.

It is very much similar to…”where there is a will there must be a way”…you will surely find out a way if you really have thirst/desire.

When people say…“I have given her/him an android set, she/he reads from there, she is a student of science, she needs it” or something similar to this, it really makes me surprised, these are the parents who will later blame their child for not carrying good marks in exams.

Few days ago someone asked for my suggestion…my daughter is in class eleven and she is asking for an android set, she says it will be helpful for her in study, should I give her?”

When I suggested not making such a blunder mistake he replied
…you are right, the teachers of my colony has suggested me the same.”

After hearing from him when I was thinking about this issue the first thing that knocked into my mind is…if you have real hunger you will surely find a way out to get some food…I have already explained it above.

Some parents hand over an android phone to their children being trapped by their children’s tricky words…”it will help me in study”
If a student has real hunger for knowledge or study then she/he will surely manage the books whether from library or will borrow from their friends and teachers, before handing over an android set every parent should check…how many times their child has visited the library, how many times they have seen their child to borrow books from friends/teachers and other closed persons? And if they finally come to know that their child has never spent lots of times reading books then handing over an android set means destructing your child’s future.

On the other hand some parents’ “show off’ nature is responsible for this…they wanna describe their child as “advanced”...Read More

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Me About Myself

The Biggest Fool ever existed in this Universe.

Written over the indispire Prompt... 


Saturday, 4 November 2017

Rehearsal: Love And Practicality(Fiction)

After long nine years of her marriage they met in their common friend’s marriage ceremony, he was continuously trying to avoid talking with her but after one hour she found out a way to talk to him.

Standing under a tree holding a cup of coffee he was trying bring back his thoughts from those old days, memories…which has created a mixed effect in his emotions, now their intensity has increased a lot.

Seeing him alone in the garden she knocked from behind…

She: hi, how are you?

His heart was beating fast as it used to beat those days whenever he used to talk to her or she used to come in his view. Lots of thoughts were knocking into his mind, lots of questions and a little ray of hope, his voice almost chocked when he tried to reply, clearing his voice he replied

…am fine? You?

She replied with a joyous smile


Then there was a silence for a minute, she was looking at him with a smile in her face, confusions were clashing with each other in his mind, he was unable to decide whether he should ask the question or not and at the end with the thought that may be later he will not get a better chance than this to ask her, so finally he asked

…why did you leave me? What was my fault? I never even can think to betray you.

These words worked as a sparkle of fire in the gun powder of practicality in her mind, she asked angrily

…can’t you think beyond these? For how many years you will spend life as a fool? It’s time to grow up, be practical.

…to love someone is “foolish”?

…yes it is, there is nothing called love exist in this world, these are some foolish feelings nothing more than it.

She stopped for a while and then started with agitated voice

…do you wanna know the truth? ok, then listen…I was never been in love with you, yes this is the truth, if you would have minimum common sense then you could realize easily that there were so many boys mad for me then why I chosen you, because observing you I realized you are the most simplest of any other of my admirers and so you are not harmful, those days of love were nothing but my rehearsal days, yes first of all I had to experience what love is and simultaneously I had to make myself better to capture the human mind with my beauty and nature.

He was shocked, her answers made her so much surprised that he forgot to take the coffee he was holding in his hand, the glass remained half filled with the coffee and got cold.

She continued

…if I mention those days of quarrels when our relationship was about to end then the fool people like you will analyze with full emotion…”oh ho, she still remains those days even after so many years, that means she has still some feelings left in her heart for me”, now let me tell you the truth…I remember those days because the quarrels happened for my fault, yes it was my fault and I have remembered this so that I never make such mistakes or similar mistakes with my husband.

Taking a short gap she asked
…do you wanna know more?

He replied with a trembling voice

…yes, today I wnanna know the entire truth, please continue…

She gave an insignificant look to him and started 

…I will ask you a question and answer me the truth.

He nodded his head and agreed

She asked

…I know you can remember that after five years of my marriage I wanted to make contact with you through our common friend and you requested her not to share anything about you with me, now tell me did not you become happy knowing my concern about you?

…yes, I became happy.

She laughed out and replied]

….that’s the problem with the foolish people like you, if you would have minimum common sense which I have already told you then you could make the simple calculation, which is…I felt to make contact with you then why did not you feel to make contact with me? Do you know the answer, the psychology behind it?

He remained silent, she started again

psychological fact is…if a couple was in love truly then it will not be possible for them to continue their relation as friends after their break up, I never loved you, you were just an experimental object to enrich my experience that’s why I did not find any hesitation to make contact with you on the other hand you loved me whole heartily, your heart and mind is full with the foolish emotion called “love” that’s why you never felt to make contact with me and even today you were trying to avoid me. You know there is nothing called “love” or the “power of love” exists, if love is so powerful then tell me how so many people can ignore their duties to their parents and keep them in old age home? we all know that the love of parents are the most selfless and dedicated love in this world, then tell me why the “power of love” of the parents can’t resist the child to take their parents to old age home? Can you?

He remained silent, the thoughts in his mind creating hammering effect in his brain. She was looking at him with a smiling face and said in a clam voice

…you know, it’s all about necessity of life, I wanted a luxurious life with all the pleasures, this is the reason when some people find their parents as useless then they keep their parents in old age homes. Look at me…my life is settled totally, I am expecting a child also, six more months left, a complete and happy family and look at you…you still unable to throw myself out from your so called “heart” and your future is still uncertain, one more thing which I wanna inform you is…when my child will grow up I will make her/him as practical as me and you will teach your child the ethics, moral values, love and will teach “it’s not good to play with the emotions of others” and guess what will happen…my child will live a happy and luxurious life and your child will suffer with so called ‘moral values’ and “relations”, don’t make such mistake and be practical.

Taking a deep breath and somehow managed to laugh out loudly she said

…its really right “love is blind” and you have become totally blind in life otherwise you could understand it very easily that when my parents were blaming you for trapping me in the name of love then why did not I took your side, even after that incident I denied to meet you and never made any contact with you, but still you think I loved you !!!!!! probably you have made some “foolish emotional calculations” behind my ignorance. Am I right?

Taking a pause she said
…now I have to go but before this I wanna tell you something…do you know why the words “cheater’ “playgirl” playboy” exist ? because there are some people with certain natures who belongs to these categories but it does not affect the life much if you have intelligence, so try to be practical.

She left the place and he remained still there…he was unable to move, felt like paralyzed.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Be An Empty Cup : Educational Psychology(Cognitive)

If a cup which is already filled with liquid (or something else) then how can you fill that cup?

To enrich our knowledge…we have to be an empty cup,
“I have to know more”…this sense should always be in our minds otherwise we have to spend live with a false pride that “I know much more than anyone”

This sense…better to say consciousness should be created among the students and the learners of different fields.

We should realize that our teachers and elder ones have larger knowledge than us and we always should have the intention…how to enrich my knowledge from them.

This sense/consciousness can be created among the students from their very childhood days and on the other hand some students/learners already have the “thirst for knowledge” and they do not need any such teaching, they can spend hours of hours of time with books, they will find out the people from whom they can get certain answers…but this types of students are very rare in case.

Let me cite some examples here…

1.  We all are well known with the name Swami Vivekananda and Ramkrishna Paramhansha Dev…Vivekananda was a brilliant student from his childhood days and never secured second in class, had deep and vast knowledge in Philosophy but the very truth is…he used to visit Ramkrishna Paramhansa Dev, who was not as much as qualified like Swamiji, before that he used to ask every monk “have you seen God” and when Ramkrishna  Dev said “yes” then Swamiji started to visit and spent lots of time with the expectations to get answer…he was not busy to show Ramkrishna how much knowledge he has.

If Narendranath Dutta used to be busy to show his knowledge to Ramkrishna Dev then it would never be possible for us to get Swami Vivekananda.

2.  Now coming to the other example…

This is the reason why he is actually a genius…no show off, no self-conceit after indescribable contribution to physics.

We all are well acquainted with the quote…”rolling stone gathers no moss”…for the advancement of our knowledge we have to stick to certain occupation/work, being restless and fickle minded we will never be able to acquire knowledge (the lives of great personalities are the best examples of it) this is the reason when interviews are taken for the post of a teacher they will ask about teaching experience, not the experience in the field of sells/marketing.

3.  Chanakya also known as Kuatilya in his slokas mentioned what should be the qualities in a good student…

"parihasang Guroh sthane chapalanchya bibarjayet "

 Means...its not the right thing to express your restless nature in front of respected persons, if you act so then its not only express your arrogance but also your  shallow knowledge.

I felt to write this post for the recent experience when I visited one of my fav tuition teacher’s house…he was teaching the students of physics hons of 2nd year, I had to wait thirty minute after my entry and sitting in the room I was listening his explanations, when everyone was about to leave, my teacher asked a certain student to stay and when everyone left addressing the student my teacher said

…I have a question for you, try to answer it and if not then next day I will listen to your answer.
The student said…yes please.

Why Sir Newton mentioned ‘same velocity’ and “straight line” in his first law of motion…my teacher asked.
That student took more than five minute to give the answer but was unable, uttered some meaningless words.

I already became very much surprised for such an easy question to an honors student of second year and asked the reason when the boy left, what my teacher explained is

…I am trying to make him realize that he is “an empty vessel”, he has achieved the habit to show off and has forgot totally that it’s his learning time, asking such an easy question I am trying to make him realize about his show off nature.

I already understood it that the student actually has no deep knowledge in physics otherwise reading Newton’s laws from the seventh standard he could surely explain the answer.

I asked …why did not you discuss about his nature directly?

 The people who are actually ‘empty vessels” are the empty headed and the most talkative and noisy, their talks are most of the time are meaningless and never should be taken seriously, they always live with the thought that they have acquired huge knowledge and if you try to break his notion it can make him arrogant…my teacher explained.

For a learner/student it’s very much necessary to be clam, steady and should have thirst for knowledge or should have the realization that “still I have to learn a lot” because there is no limit of knowledge.

After a certain phase she/he has to show how much knowledge they posses but surely with the intention that “I will learn something from others”.

Above all its all about “thirst”… if you have thirst for knowledge…you will read for hours after hours and if you have thirst for show off then you will talk nonsense in every issue.

Recently watched a movie named “The forbidden Kingdom” there Jackie Chan gave the same teaching to the boy, watch it here…