"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??

Friday, 18 August 2017

Apu---Part 1

Apu…have you heard this name? may be…but the “Apu” I am talking about is an internationally  famous “Semi imaginary character”…as long as the world of cinema will exist the name will remain with it’s glory.

Once upon a time a 32 year old boy decided to make a movie, he liked a novel and decided to made a film on that…the journey was not as easy as I have written here; it was his directorial debut, and a big thanks to God that the wife of the writer (of the novel) allowed the debutante director to make movie on the novel ignoring an established director,who also approached her for the same.

The shooting of the movie started 27th October 1952 and completed in 1955.

Some amazing facts about the movie are…

Not only the director but also the cinematographer was newbie in that film.

The budget of the film was only 70,000/- but it was tough for them to find a producer, at last Rana Dutta(a Producer) gave money but the shooting stopped after a time coz Rana Dutta’s movies got flopped in the market.

Then the director started to work as a graphic designer, he pledged his insurance policies, sold his entire gramophone records and his wife also helped him by pledging her jewelry, still there were shortage of money. A friend of Director’s mother managed to get loan from West Bengal Govt., the chief minister Bidhan Chandra Roy helped for the production of the movie and Govt. sanctioned a loan seeing the footage of the movie, The Home Publicity Department of West Bengal misunderstood the movie and thought it is a documentary on Rural up liftmen and sanctioned the loan as for “Road Improvement”, the title of the movie was itself a reason for such misunderstanding.
So, after three years of tough time and various obstacles the film became complete.


Casting of the film was also very interesting, one of the lead characters of the movie “Harihar” was played by one of the established film actor named Kanu Bannerjee, “Sarbajaya” the wife of “Harihar” was an amateur theater actress named Karuna Bannejee and the character “Indira Thakrun” was played by Charubala Devi, those days she was living in Kolkata’s red light district, she was an retired stage actress, it was obviously the credit of the director to found her and casting in his movie.

Now the time was to find “Apu”…the director gave advertisement in news papers, he was looking for a boy in between of age five to seven, but after lots of interviews with boys not a single boy made him satisfied, coz they did not match with the looks of “Apu” the director already had in his mind, it’s her wife who noticed a boy in their neighborhood and mentioned the director and at last the search became end.


The soundtrack of the movie was composed by Pandit Ravishankar who was then at the early stage of his career.
It’s too touchy to explain in words, so I have attached the video here, have a look and listen…

Awards and Nominations:-

There are so many awards and nominations the movie won that can’t be written in this short post, in short, the movie won eleven international prizes and I wanna specially mention…in the year 1999 the movie tied with “The Godfther” and ranked 12th in the category of ‘best Films of the Century” by The Village Voice (American news and culture paper).

In the year 2012, The British institute’s magazine ranked the movie 42nd in their list of “Top 50 greatest films of all time:”.

The soundtrack also featured in “50 greatest film soundtracks”   By The Gurdian in the year 2007.

I know you become curious to know the name of the Director and the movie, here it is…

The director was none other than the Great Satyajit Ray and the movie was “Pather Panchali”(Song of the little road).

The original novel written by the famous Bengali writer Bibhuti Bhusan Bandyopadhay named “Pather Panchali”, when first time I read this novel the pain remain in my heart for few days and my mind was stunned…how a writer can depict so much pain, agony and sufferings through words!!!!!How can anyone write such a pathetic story…this is the reason they are the great writers.

After “Pather Panchali” Mr. Satyajit Ray made two other movies, those are on the life of Apu and these three movies are widely known as “Apu Trilogy” consists of movies…”Pather Panchali”, “Aporajito(The Unbeaten) and “Apur Sansar”(The world of Apu).

The role of ‘Apu” in “Pather Panchali” was performed by Mr.Subir Bannerjee

In “Aporajito” Pinaki Sanyal played the role of young Apu and in “Apur Sansar” the role of Apu was played by the famous actor Mr.Soumitro Chatterjee

For details of the “Apu Trilogy” you can Google it and I am sure wikipedia will make you surprised providing the info’s (Especially the awards) about this Trilogy.

Here is the famous scene from that movie...
Apu and Durga running for the glimpse of the train.

I doubt hardly any Indian film has ever own so many awards.

Now I must clarify why I have mentioned Apu as a “semi-imaginary Character”…coz this novel is actually an autobiographical novel by Bibhutibhusan Bandyopadhyay and this was his first novel.

For the movies the links given below....




Here you can grab the copy of Pather Panchali(Novel) 

Thursday, 17 August 2017


What actually God is…if you ask me this question I will reply…I really don’t know.

It’s been long years I have stopped praying to God except two three times in between. Earlier I had deep faith and love for God but now it’s almost vanished but it’s also true that when we feel hopeless, we found no way to solve our problems then we take shelter to God. We all have the notion that He is the greatest healer whether it’s a physical pain or mental, it is said that He can do anything… we have born and brought up with this thought…He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient, he is the director and we are the actors “Upon the stage” named World.

The most ironical part is…He behaves like a deaf when I pray something for myself but it’s also true that He has granted my prayers when I have prayed for someone else…though hardly two or three, this is the reason I don’t believe Him. But as I have said earlier…when you are unable to solve the problem, when you are hopeless, situation is beyond your control then you start praying…may be this is God…the place for ultimate peace, a ray of hope.

After a long time yesterday I have prayed to God a lot…

I noticed Puchu when she/he cried out lying in her/his mother’s lap. Yes, I don’t know whether that baby is a girl or a boy, I don’t know what actually her/his name is…Puchu is the name given by me. The age of Puchu is hardly four months and height is around 20 inches, like all the patient that family was waiting in the hall for their turn to visit the doctor. When I first time noticed Puchu then I thought may be Puchu’s dad or mom is here for check up but after half an hour when the attender went near  Puchu and Puchu was in deep sleep, the aatender opened Puchu’s left eye and poured a drop but Puchu did not feel it but when the attender poured the drop in Puchu’s right eye then Puchu cried out but not for long time, cried for 30 seconds and again went to sleep.

This was really a painful scene to see a little baby suffering from eye disease, drop is poured into the eye before Optometric test and the drop was poured in both the eyes of Puchu means Puchu has problem in both the eyes.

When Puchu was in the Optometric room with her/his parents  I could hear the sound clearly…Puchu was crying very loudly, the sound was twisting my heart, Puchu cried for three four minutes then stopped and came out after a while keeping her/his head in her/his mom’s shoulder and in deep sleep.

 Puchu does not deserve it, why all these are happening with such a little baby, I really wonder, I found it very unfair, God could bless Puchu with a healthy life, Puchu could spent a disease free life but now Puchu has to suffer from Pains…specially when the treatment will go on…why ? It’s really very pathetic to see a baby suffering from disease, crying out of pain and facing uneasy situations.

A baby who even can’t control her/his finger, fingers are always in fist condition, can’t talk, can’t express her/his pains through words and can’t walk…why he has to suffer so much? Why? The condition of Puchu made me very upset; sitting in the hall I was somehow trying to manage my anger towards God and was trying to consolidate myself that at least after the treatment Puchu will be totally ok.

I thought to ask the parents about Puchu’s disease but I dropped the idea coz I was scared if I come to know puchu is suffering from any major disease then it will be tough for me to tolerate.

Yesterday was really a very tough day for me, after coming out from the nursing home the face of Puchu was continuously flashing in front of my eyes; I was unable to close my eyes while returning by bus.
If you go for spiritual analysis then maybe you will find reasons behind Puchu’s suffering, especially if you believe in re-birth, Karma and “Prarabdha”(Destiny) but my mundane thoughts, mundane feelings and mundane emotions could not see Puchu in that condition. It is said…there is a reason behind everything, so if there are spiritual rules then God must create another rule that is….if someone wants to take the suffering of any other then the prayer will be granted and the suffering will be transferred to the person…if this rule would exist then I would surely asked God to transfer Puchu’s suffering to me coz Puchu does not deserve it rather I deserve it a lot…I can show God more than hundred reasons why I should get such sufferings….but it’s not going to happen.

Really God exists? Yah, this question again knocking into my mind…if God is really so pure then His devotees should also be pure…there should exist people (the devotees of God) who is holy from heart, mind and soul and such devotees can wash out all pain of Puchu by only keeping his hand upon Puchu’s head, unfortunately it does not happen…never found any such great devotee, no one has this power…may be God does not allow it…why? 

So we are born to suffer, we are born to spend life with physical and mental pains…we all have to face it.
But at the end I will pray to God…if possible then pls don’t give much pain to Puchu rather… no pain wiill be the best.
I don’t know from where Puchu came from, maybe I will never meet Puchu again but wherever Puchu is…I wish she/he leads a healthy and happy life.

The only consolation was…Puchu was in deep sleep, she/he was not crying all the time…we were in the same hall for three and half hours and Puchu continued to sleep all the time except the examinations and drops. Puchu was wearing  warm clothes, a jacket with a hood covering her/his head, the hall rather the whole building is centralized AC, so in warm clothes, in a AC hall and in the her/his mother’s warmth Puchu found it the most pleasant moment to sleep. May be when puchu will be young then this incident, this pleasant feeing will remain in her/his unconscious mind and one day Puchu will ask her/his parents to buy an AC for her/his room…may be this time Puchu will be ok with drops and medicines and when later she/he will request her/his parents for AC then it will be so funny…I wish all these happens the way I have written here specially when the nursing home is famous for the treatment of eye all over the India.

Life is a battle and you have to fight, in a movie I listened the dialogue…to win the battle you don’t only need the sword but also the wishes.

So I hope you all will also wish for Puchu.

Monday, 14 August 2017


आवाज़े दिल की...

कागज़ पे उतारते है

उम्मीदों कि शोर है बहोत I

चीखती हुई खामोश फरियादे

ठिठरती तन्हाइ, अनसुनी दुआएं

फिर भी दिल मे

आस बची है बहोत II

Saturday, 12 August 2017


धर्म और मज़हब कि समझ नही हमे

हम तोह आशिक़ है...

मोहब्बत को मज़हब

वफा को धर्म मानते है.